The complete enterprise solution to manage, schedule, and deploy your digital signage network, helping you get your message out to the right people at the right time.

Power to Grow

Whether your digital signage network is just a few screens or thousands, you are in good hands with Hughes. Our technology powers tens of thousands of digital displays seen around the world.

Open Architecture

Hughes MediaSignage system was built on the open architecture of the Linux operating system, which is known for its stability, reliability, and power. Likewise, we leverage the Apple Mac OS to provide robust handling of multimedia files for our player devices.

Easy to Use

From the network setup, to the central management and deployment of content, the Hughes MediaSignage system is easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet any digital signage need.

Friendly and Flexible

Whether it is the ability to work with a broad spectrum of medial file types or its ability to integrate with third party systems and programs, MediaSignage can be adapted to meet the needs of any business environment.


MediaSignage 4.1 ships with a new user interface design which provides a more robust platform for digital signage management. The new design greatly improves ease of use while creating a powerful, efficient and scalable tool for scheduling and managing digital signage networks.

It also delivers enhanced role-based administration adding an additional layer of security by ensuring that access is only available to individuals with the appropriate credentials.

Another key feature deals with device management. Users now see a detailed map of each device in the digital signage network that provides key information including location, software code level, and a color-coded status showing the current state of each device, making device administration simple and intuitive.

Key Benefits

  • Role-based administration
  • Detailed device management
  • Play-list creation and management
  • Scheduler administration system
  • Unicast and multicast support
  • Browser-based centralized management
  • Emergency notifications
  • Serial monitor control

How It Works

Employees simply log into the organization’s training network powered by Hughes MediaTraining utilizing a remote control. Available training materials are then available for the employee to watch on demand. MediaTraining activity information is automatically collected and transmitted for report generation to assist the organization in ways it sees fit. Training material can be easily managed and updated. Used jointly with the Hughes MediaWrite software pack, training material can be distributed using an existing satellite network or LAN based.

How it works

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